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Runs to:
April 20th, 5 p.m.-8 p.m.
Main Gallery PCA&D

The exhibit, over 3 floors,
includes new works

The Space in Between...
Gale Jamieson

A career retrospective at:
The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
Main Gallery | 204 N. Prince St., Lancaster, PA

“I have always had a love for making things, particularly the process of making. History, memory, and relationships resonate and emerge as I work with the concept that an idea seeks it’s own form."

“The interaction with the material and the idea is an ongoing conversation, one of listening and response. The material and its nature are the source, not just the means. Each piece is a story, a journal of moments and inquiry into culture, interconnections, impermanence, and personal experience. By changing the context in which an ordinary object is experienced, seeing the ordinary in a non-ordinary way, a shift in perception can occur. This is the place that intrigues me the most... the space in between.”

  • A new working studio in York, PA:
    15 E. Philadelphia | York, PA | 17401
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